K ‘Alma Spas

“Our intention is to create a beautiful and sacred community with a space to call home for those that visit our spas.”

— Marizza Contreras, Founder

K ‘Alma Life

K’Alma is a health and lifestyle company that creates unique experiences through our spas, retreats and education. “We believe, we are spiritual beings having human experiences…. at K’Alma, we focus on the integration of both. It’s not that we simply say it, it’s the fact that we actually live it.”

K’Alma Spas

Step into a space where the frequencies of love, abundance, physical and mental well-being are the guiding principles. A space where time stands still and the noise of daily life falls away. All that’s left is the untapped potential for relaxation.

Membership Club

Day-to-day life often calls for a space and time to disconnect in order to reconnect. The exclusive member benefits of our community allows you to connect to something bigger, create a support system for your journey, and take comfort in the fact that your special time is awaiting.

Travel Adventures

Are you willing to go places you haven’t been before, do things you’ve never done, even if you don’t know how it’s going to turn out?” K’Alma Adventures challenges you to ask bigger and better questions in order to create an incredible new path for your life. If this is an intriguing concept, then let’s discover it together.